One of the things I like best about City Commissioner Randy Leonard's new blog is the daily "Randy In The News" segments. So far, oddly, Leonard's blog has been ignoring other blogs, which I think is a shame, because much of our coverage of the Commissioner's activities happens right here on Blogtown. And there are a few other blogs in town that have been active in their scrutiny of city council that also get slighted. But Leonard's staff have been gracious enough to continue linking to the Mercury's in-paper coverage, even if their summaries of the articles are a little, say, optimistic.
Today, for example, Leonard's blog summarized my column (read it here) by describing it as a "Portland Mercury article about Council approving cost of living adjustments for non-represented employees, including some of the Council members." We summarized it more directly, thus: "Commissioners Randy Leonard and Dan Saltzman take a pay raise after cutting 112 city jobs."

But this is not a request for a stricter "news pyramid-y" approach to summary by Leonard's office. In fact, here's hoping next week's summaries take the spin ball and run with it. I dare: "A Portland Mercury article on why Lents baseball is all about rainbows, care bears and unicorns," for example.