The most exciting news out of the Twit-scape today is this from Beaker & Flask:

ah screw it, tired of waiting on someone else to do their job. Booze or no booze, we open June 25. See y'all then

The frustration you read in that post is a small business owner beat down by the bureaucratic purgatory of the OLCC. The only thing that has kept Kevin Ludwig and the B&F crew from throwing open the doors to their brand new and hotly anticipated bar has been the alcohol permit process, drawn out due to budget cuts in one of the state's most maligned agencies. It wasn't a picnic before the state's money woes, but now with less staff the agency faces a backlog of applications.

However, it sounds as if Ludwig is ready to serve the public, sans alcohol if necessary. That just means chef Ben Bettinger will have his work cut out for him, as the initial impressions of Beaker & Flask may not come from the cocktail addled minds of eager patrons, but from the stone sober and hungry.

So, maybe the 25th will see the opening day for Portland's most buzzed about juice bar. Who knows.

Beaker & Flask is located at 720 SE Sandy Blvd.

Here's wishing them the best.