After months of financial troubles and rocky negotiations with their landlord, low-cost Portland office space provider CubeSpace is shutting its doors.

CubeSpace owners Eva Schweber and David Kominski sent out this depressing email last night:

For roughly three years, Eva and I have poured ourselves into CubeSpace. We have poured in all of our financial resources, and have never taken any salary. We have poured the vast majority of our energy into CubeSpace. We have poured most of our attention into CubeSpace. Now, we have no more to put in. We are tired and broke, and it is now time for us to move on... CubeSpace has served as a central meeting place. It has served as a clubhouse. It has been a default place to hold community events. We now need others in the community to step up and offer up meeting places.

The "co-working" building on SE Grand offered cheap office space to a handful of nonprofits and tiny progressive businesses in town — they're all out of luck.