Today as I was frantically searching for something interesting to post about, I found something even better: Harrison Ford.


The above web ad was so compelling, that even though I had no idea what Mr. Ford was supporting, I had to pause... “Wait. Harrison Ford supports it? The Harrison Ford? Then, you’re right, there is absolutely no reason I should not support this "it" you speak of. After all… 1.2 million jobs? Why, that’s a completely disassociated number that I can totally stand behind!”

Turns out that “actor, pilot” Harrison Ford is supporting general aviation and a petition that asks congress to re-think “a poorly conceived user fee plan.” I’m assuming that general aviation is all the aviation outside of big commercial and military aviation, and likely includes ultra-lights, para-gliders, and these guys…

You bet I’ll sign that petition. But that’s not the important part. The important part is that this web ad is so compelling, and so powerful, it could be used for just about anything. Check it.


This is a dress made of meat. Yes, actual meat. It was built by Jia Jem as a one time costume meant to be a riff on Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Some might balk at Jem’s use of meat in fashion. But that could all be solved by Harrison Ford:


See? Problem solved. In fact, you look into the sweet, soulful eyes of that sainted man and you think to yourself: “Give me a pattern and 50 pounds of sirloin. I’m making a freakin’ meat gown!”

Let’s try another example!

This is the amazing work of Slovania’s Slovenia's only jazz choir Perpetuum Jazzile. It’s hard to imagine that there would be anyone out there who would not enjoy the vocal stylings of Perpetuum Jazzile, especially after reading this sentence from their web page:

Happy faces give us energy and confirm that we are devoted to what we do with our hearts and souls.

But some people just don’t dig Toto, or jazz choirs. I’d like those people to consider the following:


You see? Now, aren’t you ready to watch that again? Not only watch it again, but move to Slovania Slovenia to join Perpetuum Jazzile, or at least follow them on their next tour? I know you are.

Thank you, Mr. Ford.