"The Pablo Escobar of medical marijuana": Despite the new Attorney General's lax attitude toward medical marijuana, feds sentenced a California grower to one year in prison.

"We don’t want our country to be trapped in a no-hijab situation": Long lines as pro-reform voters actually turn out to vote in Iran's election.

"Today you have let freedom ring.": Obama backs down on letting innocent ex-Gitmo detainees live in the U.S. - they're shipped to work in Bermuda instead.

"They’re used to rejection”: Door to door sales groups recruit Mormons with experience.

"Live with the possibility of destitution or be with Madonna": Madonna wins Malawi baby!

"A whole new era of innovation": The digital TV switch is upon us. Go forth and cram landfills with your old tvs.

"It is a great day for kids": Uninsured children rejoice - health care reform bills pass Oregon Legislature.

The end of the $10 tax: Looks like corporate taxes in Oregon are on their way up!