While I haven't followed the recall effort too closely up to now, I was surprised at how reasonable its spokesman sounded on the radio this morning. At least until he started repeating, "a new leader will emerge." That bit was a little creepy.

Jasun Wurster, head of the Recall Sam Adams movement, stated his case during an interview on a PDXSucks podcast this morning. Their all-volunteer recall group has made a strong effort to stay away from negative campaigning: Wurster proclaimed, “That’s not my Portland. My Portland is having the citizens become engaged, care about their city, and make a difference.”

Which is why he jumped into the recall game right away, he said. By being the first to organize a recall campaign, “I was able to create this ethical construct that focuses strictly on Sam Adams’ civic transgressions against us with his lies, and cover ups, and abuse of power.”

A successful politician needs the public’s trust and political capital, according to Wurster, who majored in Political Science at PSU. Sam Adams has neither, since he lied to the public, Wurster says. Taking his first, and pretty much only, stab of the interview, Wurster announced, “What Sam Adams is relying on to stay in office is political apathy and fear. Those are the only things going for him.”

And to prove he’s not homophobic, Wurster offered to make out with radio show host Robert Wagner. To prove he’s not a totally nice guy, Wagner tried to get him to swear on the radio: “Could you say one expletive? Any one. It doesn’t matter which one.”

“Oh boy. Oh shit, man. I don’t fucking know,” Wurster responded.

Listen to it here.

-Rachael Marcus