Wurster: Pretty Much a Nice Dude


There are quite a few of us in PDX's gay community who knew this was bound to happen with Adams. Not because of homophobia in the city rather due to Adams' private reputation. A lot of the gay community has rallied around Adams ONLY BECAUSE he is gay without knowing the man. This would be like the black community rallying around Louis Farrakhan running for political office without taking his history into account. I plan on signing the recall petition as does my partner. Adams is a disgrace to the city of Portland, and he is a disgrace to the gay community.
I think the first words in Matt Davis' article on the kick-off of Wurster's campaign describe it so succinctly as to render further discussion (or coverage) unnecessary. "What a bloody circus."

Wurster is going dooooooowwwwwwnnnnnnn as we Portlanders become more like Europeans and less like over-sensitive "my feelings matter" Americans.
Unfortunately, this is the only public input regarding ideas like giving millions to Merritt Paulson that Sam Adams will listen to. No right wing candidate is going to win an election to replace Adams.
Thanks, blairmastbaum. I'm sure we should all be proud to follow Europe's lead, especially after this lovely election they just had.
"a new leader will emerge" - lol

While I can't speak for Jasun (proud enough that I got him to swear), I can say that he has a pretty deep political education and has a tendency to use terms that make him sound more like a professor than maybe the rest of us might be used to.

Having said that, I can assure everyone that I felt no disturbance in The Force, nor did I witness any glowing red eyes, when Jasun used that phrase in the studio.

Yes, when I read it now it seems a little strange - when I was watching him say it, well, I didn't really think anything of it.
Blah, blah, blah. Hi, I am Robert Wagner and I use every comment section in the universe to promote my lame ass blog. You can count on me to change my opinion to whatever is popular at the moment. I have yet to say anything halfway intelligent unless I stole it from some other half wit.
Hey Throw out the hebephile, I'm voting against Sam as well (after voting FOR him in both elections), as I'm pretty disillusioned with his lies, cover-up and trashing of another gay potential candidate. I'm curious about your reference to his private reputation. Can you elaborate on that?