I meant to post this yesterday and it ended up slipping my mind, but better late than never: In your mental file of "Things That Are Worth Listening To," please place Terry Gross' sometimes-insightful, sometimes-awkward interview with Woody Allen that aired on NPR in Monday.

People do look for clues in my movies all the time. They're constantly searching for clues in my movies, and no matter how many times I've told them over the years, that, "Y'know, I make these stories up, some of 'em I've made up with other writers--I've worked with Doug McGrath, with Marshall Brickman, with Mickey Rose, they make up stories, they make up half of the story with me." The people always look for clues in my movies, and they think based on my movies, that they know me. And of course they don't know me. There are some things you could have learned about me over the years, but not much really. Y'know, I was never who anybody thought I was.

You can stream and/or download the whole thing here.