I’m stopping briefly during a heavy day of interviews to hit you with some weekend event ideas.

Solstice Beer Bash at the Raccoon Lodge Sat., 3 - 9 pm, 7424 SW Beaverton Hillsdale:

No, honestly, they will be bashing beer. Or at least bashing a bung into a barrel of Cascade Brewing’s Summer Solstice IPA. That’s the way they tapped it back in the day, yo. There will also be a pig roast over an applewood fire, and brewmaster Ron Gansberg’s bluegrass band Black Lodge. I’m really hoping that’s a reference to Twin Peaks because I’m almost done with the second season and I’d love to hear a wicked bluegrass cover of the Angelo Badalamenti theme song.

Kicking Hunger Festival at Overlook Park Sat. for as long as it takes, 1301 N. Fremont St:

These folks are trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by playing the longest continuous kickball game ever. They will be accepting pledges and donations and all proceeds go to help eradicate hunger. Spectators can get in on the action by signing up to play and the kickball madness will be accompanied by vendors and live music. Who’s up for a 3am drunken pick-up game?

Twilight Prom at the View Point Inn Sat. 5 - 10 pm, 40301 E. Larch Mountain Road, Corbett, OR.:

Lord, I can’t even believe that I’m adding this, but some people love the Mormon Vampires. Anyway, The View Point Inn was where they filmed the prom for the movie Twilight and now you can go re-live that magic moment, except you’ll be at the prom instead of watching it on screen and getting your panties all in a twist.

$65 gets you chips for “Monte Carlo Themed” tables, non-alcoholic beverages, food, admission to prom, a surprise Twilight gift, and memories that your grandchildren will love to laugh at.

Steve’s Lowrider and Smallbike ride, see below!:

This is a must! At least, it’s a must for me. So that means you should come too! I swear it will be awesome as we take over Northeast looking all badass on our Smallbikes and Lowriders and shit. We’re going to strike fear into the heart of anyone who sees us. Seriously. They will crap their fucking pants.

We meet up for the wholesome fun a Vendetta, Skidmore and NE. Williams.