The Attorney General's office has released a letter from Mayor Sam Adams' attorney, Robert Weaver, describing Breedlove in harsh terms.

"Despite the portrayal of himself as an innocent victim of the media frenzy, it is quite clear that Breedlove not only stoked the media frenzy in 2007, he was responsible for bringing it back to life in late 2008 and early 2009," Weaver writes. "Further, he has clearly reaped the benefit of the publicity given his "Glamour Shots" style photo shoot forThe Oregonian, the pictorial in Unzipped Magazine and his widely advertised participation in a pornographic event at Voo Doo Donuts."

You can download the letter here.

"In 2005, Sam Adams was briefly and stupidly involved sexually with an 18-year-old man," the letter concludes. "In 2007, Sam Adams' political ambition overcame his sense of responsibility and he tried to cover it up. In 2009, Sam Adams' knowledge of what it means to do the right thing, vis a vis Mr.Breedlove, was restored. Ironically, it served to lay him low at the very moment of his greatest political success. He has been publicly humiliated. He is sincere in his oft repeated apologies to friends, constituents and fellow citizens. He wants now to be the leader he was elected to be. Whether he is permitted to do so will be decided by the voters of Portland when the recall effort is launched in a few days. It is best kept in their hands. No crime was committed."