If you're playing along at home with Infinite Summer, you need to be on pg. 63 today. I'm not, but I'm planning to play catch-up this weekend and hit Monday's goal of 94 pages. For those of you who are on schedule, here's an open thread; for the rest of us, here's an encouraging primer entitled "How to Read Infinite Jest."

Trust the author: Around page 50, you’re going to feel a sinking sense of dread, as it dawns on you how much stuff you’ll be asked to keep track of: lots of characters coming and going, subplots upon subplots, page long sentences, and more. You have to believe that what seems at first like a bunch of disconnected vignettes (like The Wardine Section) will in fact come together; that the connections among what seem like radically disparate plot lines really do make themselves apparent in time. But at first, it requires something of a focus on the local plot lines, and a leap of faith in the fact that the global picture will eventually resolve.