I just want to say a big "thanks!" to the many hundreds of people who stopped by our awesome booth at Multnomah County Bike Fair on Saturday. Special big thanks to the brave people who participate in the track stand contest, withstanding thirty seconds of intense water balloon bombardment from the feisty crowd in exchange for a cool multi-tool prize from Bike Gallery.

It has always been a personal fantasy of mine to pelt trackstanders (those people stop at stop lights and twitch back and forth rather than putting a foot down) with water balloons and you helped make my dreams come true! And more so! One of the first winners was this guy with a seriously broken arm, who could not be talked out of sitting dangerously atop his bike while children with Mercury-supplied water balloons assaulted the shit out of him. Good job, guy! Next year we'll have water balloons AND waivers.


My camera chose a convenient time to die, so all these photos of the day are graciously provided by BikePortland.org.

More ridiculous photos below the cut!


She won, too! via BikePortland.org


Thanks to Scrappers for helping hundreds of people get naked.


This never got old.