I’d written just about half of my post on The Original’s VooDoo Burger when I realized that I’d been duped. I had not, in fact, been eating a meal. What I had consumed was a gimmick; a press magnet; a sustained publicity stunt. The VooDoo Burger tasted exactly like what a marketing ploy should taste like: sweet, greasy, but not unpleasant. The final analysis? “It was made for publicity, and this post is its bitch.”

Well, the VooDoo Burger has struck again. But this time its bitch is the New York Times “the Moment” blog, which apparently has a style blogger “who’s spending the summer biking around Portland, Ore.”:

You take the first bite and you think, Yes, this is a glazed sugar doughnut and a cheeseburger … and yes, this is amazing … so, so wrong equaling so, so right. The only-in-Portland cost? $7.25. Tip generously.

Oh, NY Times, when will you learn from we who forge ahead of you, making honest mistakes… Warnings that you should heed from the Oregon wilds.

I will admit the NY Times photo is better than mine, if strikingly similar. Note that they're drinking soda. The glass in my photo is filled with booze. One of the many reasons I'm not writing for the Times.