Will Obama Save Us All? Or will he back down from healthcare reforms in tonight's big speech?

Senate Shoots Down F-22s: DC scraps $1.75 billion in funding to build more fighter jets that cost $44,000 an hour to fly.

Media Riot! South Korea votes to privatize media, but the vote turns into an out-and-out politicians brawl:


Palin, Edited: Resigning didn't help—our favorite governor is in hot water over new ethics violations. Meanwhile, Vanity Fair takes a red pen to her resignation speech.

Fight For Oil, Work For Green: Colorado nonprofit helps veterans get green jobs.

Secret iPhone Suicide: An Apple worker in China leaps to his death after his bosses rough him up for losing an iPhone prototype.

Fred Meyer Shoot Out! A man is tackled trying to steal beer and two teens shoot at guards in an insane evening at the 82nd Avenue Freddies.

Goodbye Lents... Hello Beaverton? Triple-A Beavers baseball considers a suburban stadium.