I wonder what the odds are that some—or most, or all—of these five fucksticks...


...have ever watched or rented a porn video? They're the mayor and town council of Fort Myers Beach, Florida, and yesterday they called an emergency meeting and voted unanimously to fire the town manager—the improbably named Scott Janke—because Mr. Janke married a porn actress.

Fort Myers Beach town council voted 5-0 to fire Scott Janke "without cause" after Mayor Larry Kiker called the Tuesday night meeting. Kiker said he learned that afternoon that Janke's wife is an adult film star, and the elected officials took the action a few hours later.

"At no time did we make a judgment call on the activities of Mr. Janke or his wife," Kiker told The Associated Press. "It's a matter of how effective he becomes after this situation. How much disruption there is." ... Kiker said a clause in Janke's contract permitted the council to fire him with a majority vote. He said he considers the Jankes friends.

How does firing someone because his wife is a porn actress not amount to making a "judgement call" on her "activities"? And friends don't fire friends for marrying the mothers of their children—Mr. and Mrs. Janke have three kids—and can someone please explain just how Mrs. Janke's line of work impacts Mr. Janke's effectiveness as town manager? Here's hoping the Jankes sue Fort Myers Beach. In the meantime: does anyone know anything about this Fort Myers Beach shithole? Any porn shops down there? Any porn shot there? The zip code for Fort Myers Beach is 33031 and the area code is 239. It would certainly be illuminating to know just how much porn is shipped to Fort Myers Beach and downloaded by its residents annually—any big porn distributers out there care to leak that info to me?

And I'd be curious to hear from anyone who ever sold or rented porn to any of these douchebags.


From left to right (click their names to send an email): Vice Mayor Herb Acken, Mayor Larry Kiker, Councilman Tom Babcock, Councilwoman Jo List, Councilman Bob Raymond.

The mayor can be reached at 239-765-0202 ext. 120.