This Tuesday, July 28, the Grindhouse Film Festival is showing the 1982 flick Vice Squad at the Hollywood Theater. What's it about? We'll let the Grindhouse Film Festival answer that question:

A prostitute named Princess decides to help the police when her friend is murdered. When things don't go as planned, she ends up on the run through the underbelly of 80's Hollywood. This is relentlessly paced action and suspense, but the real reason to see this movie is for the cocky psycho-pimp wearing the cold blooded stare and cowboy boots: Wings Hauser completely rips the screen in half with his portrayal of Ramrod, a ferociously sadistic pimp, and one of the greatest villains of all time. Armed with his "pimp stick", Ramrod races for brutal revenge against Princess and anyone who gets in his way. Featuring sleaze, violence, strange sexual fetishes, a kung fu scene that comes out of absolutely nowhere, and Wings Hauser's incredible performance.
Here's the trailer:

Wanna win two free tickets? Shoot me an email with "Vice Squad" in the subject line. I'll choose a winner at random and let them know how to pick up their tickets. This contest is open until Friday (tomorrow) at 5 pm, so make sure you send me your email before then. I'll select the winner over the weekend, and they can pick their tickets up Monday or Tuesday.

Vice Squad, Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, Tues July 28, 7:45 pm