Cops vs. Obama: The officer who arrested Harvard prof Henry Louis Gates might now sue Obama for defamation. Someone thinks to ask Bill Cosby how he feels about it. ("shocked")

Uh... 21st Century Smallpox Blanket? The bungling disaster-relief agency FEMA distributed formaldehyde-filled trailers to families after Katrina, then delayed health tests until it could develop a PR strategy.

Hearts and Minds: In Gaza, Hamas is ditching the rockets, launching a "culture war."

Buy a Car on the Government's Dime. Buy a car that has 4 MPG better than your current one, win $3,500! So, uh, when will Congress subsidize my zero MPG vehicle?

Five Legged Puppy! Denied career in showbiz! The horror.

Eight Shootings, One Week: A string of city-wide shootings continued last week when a bullet almost struck a showering pregnant woman in North Portland.

Sheriff Skipper Fails Open-Book Test: Now he's headed to basic training before he can become Multnomah County Sheriff.

Stand With Iran! Portland joins 50 cities today TOMORROW! in rallying for an end to civil rights abuses in Iran. 1PM in Pioneer Square.