The young Laurelhurst Village receptionist who was fired in April after helping spearhead a union campaign at the Southeast nursing home settled with the facility this week. Nurse Elizabeth Lehr won't get her job back, but the union sees the settlement as a victory since the deal's terms prevent the nursing home from interfering in future organizing.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) campaign at the nursing home got dirty this spring, after the union dug up health violations at the nursing home and facility managers responded with fliers headlined, "The Truth!"

The SEIU did not disclose the financial details of the settlement.

From the SEIU:

Under terms of a settlement approved by an Administrative Law Judge of the National Labor Relations Board, Laurelhurst Village agreed to post a formal, government-approved notice promising not to unlawfully interfere with the ongoing union campaign and affirming the rights of employees to unionize without fear of reprisals. The settlement also includes a financial payment to Lehr.

Lehr has agreed to waive her right to her job back along with other rights and privileges.

The notice posted by Laurelhurst Village promises that managers would not interrogate employees about union activity, would not prevent employees from coming to the facility on their off hours to promote unionization and would not threaten to call police to have employees arrested who do so.

Newly settled nurse Elizabeth Lehr.