Someone in the office suggested that I post this over on MOD, but I'm sorry, the sensibilities over there are tad more refined than the ruffian 'townie scene. Nonetheless, this has some relevance (?) in the waning days of (overcast, threatening-rain) summer. So... You know how you—okay maybe not you, but people?—wear Speedos? And you know how sometimes those people wearing Speedos get boners? And it's, like, embarrassing or something*? Well Michael Musto has found a "solution" so nonsensical that it actually reverses the problem. Now I don't know what you'd do when it went, you know, down. Ugh, just click the jump and you'll see. Oh yeah, totes NSFW.


Right?! So now you're just stuck there! If you go soft it will look like a gross little deflated balloon!

*Note to bros: We can see your boners under virtually any form of wet clothing.