Instead of passing her new IKEA catalog on to me, Sarah Mirk threw it in her compost bin. Wait… compost bin? Shouldn't she have recycled that?

Normally I spotlight other people's questions, but I was so consumed by fury, my question was moved to the front of the line. As you may have noted from Sarah's self-righteous blog post HERE, she lied to each and every one of you (and me) by saying she "recycled" her IKEA catalog. However, the truth is far from that. Please read the following iChat between Sarah and myself, which exposed her lies.

AIM IM with sarah mirk 8/10/09 12:49 PM

STEVE: Can I have your IKEA catalog?

SARAH: NO I'm hoarding it

STEVE: Wait, I thought you said you were recycling it?

SARAH: yeah, I put paper recycling into my compost bin

STEVE: So you're hoarding it in your compost bin?

SARAH: it's being stored there before it turns into food!

STEVE: That's bullshit.

SARAH: do you really want it? I can maybe pull it out for your reading pleasure. it'll be extra wormy

STEVE: Are you really supposed to be putting inky paper in the compost bin? That doesn't sound right.

SARAH: I think it's okay

STEVE: I'm reporting you to... QUESTIONLAND!