Last Monday, I introduced you to Duffy Lucas. Some readers familiar with the Google suggested I contact Lucas via Facebook. Having heard nothing back, I assumed Lucas was none too pleased to be reminded of his former glory—presumably he is now washed-up, a has-been, I thought.

I was wrong. My effing Spam filter appears to have spazzed shit up, evidently assuming that anyone named Duffy Lucas must be marketing penile extensions or Viagra. An understandable computer error, but an unforgivable one. I am on tenterhooks.


Steve, I know the news section is due in for edits, but this clearly takes precedence. And I may as well pitch my 6000-word feature on this subject, right now.

Update, 11:24am:

Here's the email he sent:

Subject: Sussudio
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 11:44:06 -0700

Hi Matt,

So you found me…lol. Yes that is me on your blog spot. I am just amazed at the legs that little clip has gotten. It has been featured all over the place. So just what did you have in mind regarding this interview? I’m all about having fun with something I did many moons ago, but am also wary of going down the humiliation path. Thanks much in advance and will look forward to hearing back from you.


Duffy Lucas

Hmm. Wary of going down the "humiliation path." Personally I think we can take the path less traveled, Lucas, and will be in touch.