Leverage is filming in Portland for two more episodes in season two. This time, in addition to regular people, they're looking for... baseball players and Germans? From Casting Director Danny Stolz:

In addition to all general types of real people, we are also looking specifically to find male baseball players 18-30 yrs old, baseball coaches and umpires as well as men and women of ethnic diversity, especially East indian, Middle Eastern, and German.

The casting has been taken over by a different company, Extras Only, who also handled the casting for The Untitled Crowley Project (the Harrison Ford/Brendan Frasier one) and Twilight. Even those who have previously been extras on Leverage must reapply at extrasonly.com with the project code "LEVERAGE."

Also, here's an exciting glimpse into German baseball, which is played on an indoor basketball court. I saw it on YouTube, so it must be true!