This Wednesday night's Brewhaha, in association with the Bus Project, promises to be one of the best yet. Over the last few months we've covered important issues like marriage equality, health care reform, and urban renewal. But for many Oregonians, of course, there is no issue more important right now than the state's record unemployment.

We're proud of the panel of speakers lined up for Wednesday night's forum, in which panelists will be attending a "job interview," where the audience will ultimately award just one panelist the job of "Oregon's Job Czar." High stakes, for big players:

-Steve Novick, Our Oregon
-Bruce Studer, would-be casino builder from Lake Oswego
-Lindsay Mico, small business owner with Demeter Design, an environmental consultancy
-Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland
-Midge Purcell, Urban League of Portland
-Brad Avakian, Oregon Labor Commissioner

We'll be asking our panelists what's wrong with Oregon's economy? And what would they do to fix it? As well as the standard interview questions...and word association. If you're out of work, we'll have resume expert Dawn Rasmussen on hand form Pathfinder Career Services to help you turn that thing into a golden ticket. Not to mention career folks from who can help you get connected with ethical job opportunities:


The evening will be introduced by Christian Kaylor, workforce analyst for the Oregon Employment Department. The man has so many terrifying statistics, he'll...terrify you...straight to terror-ville. See you there. Bring questions!