On the heels of former governor John Kitzhaber's decision to run for his old seat in 2010 comes the not too-surprising announcement this morning from Representative Brian Clem that he's dropping out of the governor's race. But not only is Clem nixing his own campaign, he's joining Kitzhaber's. Clem and Kitzhaber met earlier this week to discuss their respective campaigns and just yesterday, says Clem, he decided to spend the next few months traveling around the state both as chair of the legislature's agriculture committee AND as statewide director of Kitzhaber's campaign.

Clem said this morning at a press conference on the third floor of the EcoTrust building that the new job is unpaid, he's quite happy with his legislative salary and computer business. "John's gonna need an ally in the legislature and I'm happy to play that role," said Clem.

Clem promised that his trips around the state will be paid for out of campaign coffers though he will be doing both legislative and campaign work. As for the $500,000 he borrowed for his campaign, Clem says he's holding onto the money to help fund his new political ventures.

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