If you're already part of the local craft mafia (don't laugh craft mafias are a real thing, although most of their weapons are crocheted and don't hurt much), then you probably don't need me to tell you that Crafty Wonderland is now accepting applications for vendors at their annual holiday sale, rightly referred to in its proper name as colossal. This is so off the hook that two years ago there were lines streaming down several city blocks, with many turned away for lack of capacity, so that last year they were practically forced to move it to the Convention Center, and even though it went off in the midst of the Great Snowpocalypse that stopped the city to a near-complete halt, it was still a success. Especially since most people probably brought their entire holiday spending budget along with them so that they would only have to leave the comfort of their snowed-in homes once to shop. In other words, this one's a money-maker, and hooking up with the Crafty Wonderland crew is an essential step to getting your at-home crafting hobby out into the commercial world. You will need to start considering how you plan to support your glue habit eventually, you know.