I detailed yesterday how lobbying groups spent $18 million influencing the Oregon senate and house of representatives this year. The reports released this week break down how much different entities spend on lobbying and it's both funny and revealing to see how much different groups' spent compared to each other.

Oregon Defenders of Wildlife $16,500
Oregon Hunters Association $21,000

Anheuser-Busch $13,535
MillerCoors $45,435
Oregon Beer and Wine Distributors Association $36,000

Oregon Public Broadcasting $15, 212
Verizon $167,391

1000 Friends of Oregon $39, 201
Weyerhaeuser $49,004

Kevin Mannix Law Firm $6,000
Our Oregon $39, 939

Smart Growth Oregon $12,535
Oregon Homebuilders Association $47,890

Bicycle Transportation Alliance $6,726
Chevron $13,692
Tri-Met $64,333

McDonalds $9,300
Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers $6,000

Indoor Tanning Association of America $6000
Climate Solutions: Practical Solutions to Global Warming $1,184