Evidently Fred Stickel was reading my tips for turning the paper around last month.

12.Your publisher. Wonderful man. But perhaps he's getting a little old for this? That's probably illegal, what I just said. But you know, there are ways around the labor laws...

Oregon Media Central had Stickel's retirement announcement in a media release sent out an hour and a half ago:
“I am 87 years old,” Stickel said. “I love this newspaper and the essential role it plays in Oregon and this community. But it is time for me to retire and make way for new leadership. ”

Patrick F. Stickel, The Oregonian’s president and son of Fred Stickel, will serve as interim publisher until a new publisher is named. He has chosen not to be a candidate and will assist in the search and selection of the new publisher.

May you enjoy a long and happy retirement, sir.