Backspace (115 NW 5th) really, truly loves me!

No doubt knowing that my birthday is Monday, September 21, the boys from Backspace recently emailed me about a Left 4 Dead tournament they're hosting that very night.

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  • Ezra Hardman
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Actually, like so many things in my life, the tournament has nothing to do with people loving me, and everything to do with good, old fashioned inter-business rivalry. I'll let Backspace's Josh Dommermuth explain the backstory:

The tournament actually stems from a talented staff member talking smack to a Ground Kontrol employee. Though it has a public face, this event represents a neighborhood competition as well. The Backspace team has been training, yes training, for the last few weeks. We
threw down the gauntlet and it has been picked up by Ground Kontrol, who is now also fielding a team. Even Ford's, the burger joint next door, has a full team that has been practicing.

There was even some hilarious drama, when one of the most talented members of the Backspace squad defected and formed his own team of friends called the Bobcats. He even had embroidered hats made for his crew with their tag: =Bobcats= and their handles.

The owners, Kris and Eric, have so much faith in us that they are putting up $100 for the team that knocks us off the ladder. Our captain, ((b)) Hungover, swears that this is impossible. And he's pretty good with an Auto-Shotty.

For those of you wondering, the tourney focuses on the PC version of Left 4 Dead. That might throw some would-be zombie killers, but since the PC version is better looking, more responsive, and has a much smaller learning curve, it only makes sense that Backspace would want people in the clickety-clacking away in the name of Our Lord George A Romero.

As you can see from the above poster there is a $40 team entry fee, but that only comes to $10 per person. If your crew beats all challengers in 4-on-4 battles you take home $100 — which is pretty good cash for a few hours slaying hyperactive undead meth freaks (even if your cut of the prize money comes to only $25.