Top general requests more troops in Afghanistan, or else the war "will likely result in failure." Thanks for your opinion, General Debbie Downer!

Flash floods kill two in the Atlanta area.

Netflix awards $1 million to the programming team who came up with a better viewer recommendation system than their own. In a similar contest, I shall award $10 to the person who can show me a better method than my own for pantsing a nerd.

Speaking of nerdly things, the chairman of the FCC has proposed "open Internet" rules. Wait… is this the same FCC chairman that tried to ban Janet Jackson's booby?

Amish newspaper attempts to make the transition to the internet, which, as their tech assistant explains is pretty difficult when the company in question has never seen a website.

Mad Men wins "Best Drama," and 30 Rock wins "Best Comedy" at last night's Emmy's. (BTW, did you SEE Mad Men last night? A-MA-ZING!! My fave line, "It's like Iwo Jima out there.")

Meanwhile singer Dave Matthews wins the "No Shit Sherlock" award for his obvious assertion that racism is everywhere in the United States.

Art Ferrante of the famed piano duo Ferrante & Teicher has passed away at age 88. Dig this sweet rendition of the theme from Midnight Cowboy. Fare thee well, Mr. Ferrante!