Ever the renegade communist, City Commissioner Dan Saltzman has introduced a resolution onto the city council agenda this Thursday to "recognize the distinguished career of Fred Stickel and his contributions to the City of Portland and the State of Oregon." Stickel announced his retirement on September 9.

WHEREAS, City Council recognizes Fred Stickel 35 years of leadership as publisher of the Oregonian newspaper represented leadership, community service and integrity; and

WHEREAS, During his tenure as publisher, Mr. Stickel oversaw a staff that won five Pulitzer Prizes as well as numerous institutional and individual awards for excellence; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Stickel also was a leader that believed deeply in justice and fair treatment which he displayed by appointing the paper’s first African American and female editors; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Stickel stood up to those that promoted discrimination by authoring a front page editorial in 1992 that opposed Ballot Measure 9, which would have restricted the rights of gays and lesbians in Oregon; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Stickel should be recognized for his service to the United States as a Marine who served in the South Pacific in World War II; and

WHEREAS, As a founder and chairman of the Citizens Crime Commission, Mr. Stickel was active in leading anti-crime initiatives in Portland for over 20 years; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Portland recognizes Fred Stickel for his civic contributions as publisher, citizen and United States Marine.

Adopted by the Council,
Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Prepared by Brendan C. Finn
October 1, 2009 LaVonne Griffin-Valade Auditor of the City of Portland