It Burns! David Letterman reveals someone tried to blackmail him for $2 million not to reveal the host's "creepy" sexual relations with staff members. Extortion dude: if Letterman backs out, I'm sure we the American people will pony up $2 million to have you NOT release any photos of Letterman naked.

Obamas Take Over the World: Stumping for Chicago Olympic bid, Michelle says America will "take no prisoners" in the negotiation. Uh... poor choice of words, Michelle.

FOX News Lies?!? Not lies, per se, says the White House, just shows a "continued disregard for the facts."

Quake Attack: 1,000 people dead and lots of people knee-deep in trouble over in Indonesia.

... but TV Told Me the Recession is Over! Despite cheery reports, unemployment rose in September to 9.8 percent.

Thicket of Lies: Prosecutor of Roman Polanski's case says he lied to "liven up" the Polanski documentary a little.

A Toxic Waste: The Pentagon investigates whether the the Army exposed 292 Oregon National Guardsmen to cancer-causing chemicals.

Keep it Local! KOIN 6's Los Angeles-based owner emerged from bankruptcy yesterday.