Remember a few months back when we printed a piece about the Regional Arts and Culture Council's (RACC) grant process? Well, I've got a quick follow-up on that story.

Tonight at Second Nature Gallery (811 E Burnside), Abraham Ingle— one of last year's RACC grant recipients— is officially unveiling the Buckman edition of Neighborhood Diaries, his series of neighborhood-specific audio tours that are free to all, downloadable, and ready for your MP3 player of choice. Last night, the ON Gallery hosted the release party for Neighborhood Diaries' Downtown tour, and on the 11th the Boise/Elliot neighborhood tour will be made official with a release event at Waypost (3120 N WIlliams Ave).

Though, to make tonight even more special, Ingle will also be pulling the curtain back for Papergirl, another project he's been working away on. Papergirl, which started in Berlin back in 2006, works like this: people donate art; the art is hung in a gallery; a few weeks later people pull the art down, roll it up, and ride around on their bikes playing Santa (throwing art at people).

Ingle has received over 200 pieces of donated art from folks around the city, and those will be up at Second Nature until the 18th when they'll be distributed. The whole process is being documented, so when the gallery goes bare, people can come and watch videos and what-have-yous of the art that's been pedaled off into the community.

Pretty neat, aye?

(And while you're checking out all the huzzah at Second Nature, be sure to stop in at Grass Hut for the Mel Kadel and Lori D. opening— also located at 811 E Burnside.)