There's only one new movie this week that really matters, and it's Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze's haunting, gorgeous, nearly perfect adaptation of Maurice Sendak's 1963 children's book. A lot of people are very excited for this film, and with good reason—but that said, I think a lot of people really aren't going to like it. Wild Things' plot is floaty and rambly, its focus is on raw emotion rather than backstory, and Jonze captures the moody, frantic, frightening, and aimless sensations of childhood in a way that's striking, surreal, and a bit too close for comfort. While those are all the things I absolutely love about it, I'm guessing not everyone's gonna feel the same way. (But just FYI: Anyone who isn't moved by this film? They probably can't be trusted.) Alison's review is here.

There's also Law Abiding Citizen (which Courtney dubbed "Saw and Order"), the Sea Shepherd documentary At the Edge of the World, the enviro-doc Earth Days, yet another French movie about pretty people with problems, and a kung fu film fest. And while it isn't a film, the Film section is also where you'll find Nex's review of the excellent PlayStation 3 game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Annnnd that should do it. More, as always, in our Film Shorts; Movie Times can be found right here.

POST-SCRIPT: Shit, almost forgot. Remember when Terminator movies were good? Terminator 2: Judgment Day is at the Fifth Avenue Cinema this weekend, too.