The City Auditor's office released the third quarter lobbying reports for Portland and would you believe it? The Portland Business Alliance (PBA) had far and away the most lobbying meetings with city staff. The group had 66 meetings over the past three months with city commissioners and their staffs.

Over a third of the PBA's personal meetings and telephone calls with city staff were in relation to homeless issues. The group logged 25 meetings about sit-lie, the Street Access For Everyone court decision, the sidewalk management plan and the location of homeless feeds.

Homeless groups, no big surprise, did not even show up on the lists of lobbying entities, though affordable housing group Oregon Opportunity Network did meet six times with Commisioner Nick Fish's office.

And in case you were wondering, YES, the $15 Dancing Bare shirt we bought Mayor Adams for his birthday does show up under the gift reports. As a "T-shirt celebrating local event." Ha! Right under $2,066 for the mayor attending a trade show in Toronto and $4,560 for a "trade mission to the city of Kaohsuing."

The reports are full of interesting little details, so check them out for yourself. Just click around this site and feed your various conspiracy theories.