The PDX Writer Daily blog is dead! After a three month hiatus, the staff of PSU’s Writing Center returned this week to announce the end of PDXWD. The post includes a link the first issue of Propeller, a new online magazine with an epigram from Kingsley Amis’ drunken latter days and a fairly awful cover that's been Photoshopped within an inch of its life.


For anyone who appreciated PDXWD’s focus on book news and Portland literary happenings Propeller’s quarterly publication schedule is a disappointment (as is the magazine’s mile-wide editorial scope: music and restaurant reviews; short fiction and an artist’s notebook; interviews and an article about finding the perfect pencil).

The good news? The writing in Propeller is solid, the reviews are crisp, and of course, like PDXWD, all the content is free. Oh, and editor Dan DeWeese is a pretty wonderful writer. Check out one of his stories here on the New England Review site.