Shit! I 100% meant to post this heads-up earlier today but got caught up reading blogs about black slaves in Disney's Fantasia.

The planning commission is holding a hearing tonight on the 2030 Bicycle Master Plan, the blueprint for the next two decades of bike projects in our fair city. You can download the plan and check it out for yourself here, but you might have already caught a sneak peak of the plan last spring at one of the open houses held around Portland.

The Bike Master Plan lays out 325 new miles of bike paths, lanes and boulevards the city is hoping to build in coming years. Though bikes are cheap compared to other transportation projects, the first wave of improvements has a $30,000,000 pricetag (about equal to constructing .5 miles of urban freeway).

Anyway, after months of gathering public opinion, the city officials spearheading the plan are presenting at 6 pm tonight at the planning commission HQ 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Room 2500a, 2nd floor. That means if you leave work now, you have just enough time for a beer before you head over.