Eternal thanks to Videogum for unearthing this 1998 video in which Joe Pesci… umm… raps. Unironically, I assume. And yes, he's terrible. But as terrible things often go, this video eventually transforms from terrible to very nearly awesome. Check it out.

So this song ("Wise Guy") is from an actual album that you will find and buy for me—before Christmas, please. It was Pesci's second (!!!!) release, and entitled "Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You" (The name comes from the character he played in My Cousin Vinny, leading me to ask, where was Ralph Macchio's mother-effing album??) Check out the track listing, generously provided by Wikipedia.

Track listing

1. "Yo Cousin Vinny"
2. "Wise Guy"
3. "Take Your Love And Shove It"
4. "I've Got News For You"
5. "How Do You Like Me So Far"
6. "Robbie Hood"
7. "Twenty-One"
8. "Old Man Time"
9. "He'll Have To Go"
10. "I Can't Give You Anything But Love"
11. "If It Doesn't Snow For Christmas"
12. "What A Wonderful World"
13. "Yo Cousin Vinny (Italian)"
14. "Yo Cousin Vinny (Spanish)"

Repeat: You will find and buy me this album. And you will NOT keep it for yourself!!