Oregon Media Central has the scoop:

"Kidd Chris" Foley seemed like an easy-going and good-natured DJ shortly after KUFO relaunched, but he quickly warned that his demeanor is only temporary. Foley is a shock jock. He was fired from WYSP Philadelphia in May of last year after this song was sung by an in-studio guest and re-aired several times:

Coloreds steal your wallets and coloreds have pink feet. Coloreds are loud and obnoxious, when they watch movies. Sticky fingers, what they are, Always try to jack my car, Schwoogies! Or shines, you can call them anything you like. Schwoogies! Watch out, jigs will rob you, day or night. Schwoogies. Mookie doesn't like to work, Just rolls blunts all day long. But there's one job he can do, hold a lantern on my lawn. If someone else has your watch on, you can bet its a moolignon. Shwoogies! All Around, there's Sambos, monkeys, knuckle draggers, So much brown Mandingo, Go Mr. Bojangles (unintelligible). I have no problem singing about the Negroes.

In July of this year, Foley made one of his many appearances on The Howard Stern Show, during which he sang a song with these lyrics:

She's a Nubian queen, no Afro sheen. She wants to be s—t while running down the street in Cali. She f—-s white men with coffee in her a—. Robin's looking so good I have my d—k in my right hand. Here's what you should do: Just pull out those big G's, girl. Here's what I wanna do: Drop some loads on some t—-ies, girl. Black t—-ies are so fine. My d—k is poppin'. Show me those big G's, b——. Black t—-ies are so fine. My d—k is poppin'. Suck on those black t—-ies, b——.

While incidents that got him fired or booked on Howard "too hot for terrestrial" Stern might not be representative of his regular routine, additional YouTube clips from Foley's WYSP show may be. One features a pedophile's bedtime story, titled "Rusty is a Homosexual," in which a nine year-old fantasizes about sleeping with a naked fireman and wearing bondage gear. Another consists of Star Jones being crank-called by a member of his show who asks, "How fat are you, Star Jones, and is your husband gay?"

Did I hear somebody say fire him? What?