If you missed Tell Them Anything You Want—the extraordinary documentary about Where the Wild Things Are creator Maurice Sendak—when it first aired on HBO, you've got one more chance: It airs again tomorrow, Friday October 30, at 8 am on HBO2. Set your Tivo, have breakfast at the house of your one friend who has fancy-pants cable, do whatever—just figure out a way to watch it.

I blathered on a little while ago about how amazing the film is, but don't take my word for it—a few weeks ago, Tell Them Anything made the shortlist for the Oscars, and hopefully it'll compete in March under the category of Best Documentary Short. Directed by Portlander Lance Bangs and some guy you might've heard of named Spike Jonze, Tell Them Anything is only 40 minutes long, but it's one of the best films I've seen in long while. So: Watch it. Tomorrow morning. HBO2. 8 am. That is all.