Some people are just too busy to be creeped out by Halloween. That's why we've developed the Nightmare Generator™ which implants images of disturbing things in your brain, resulting in a general feeling of uneasiness and low grade horror. Today's Nightmare Generator™ is a segment from Hungary's "Sandor Fridercruz" show featuring a choir of ventriloquist dummies singing the Beatles' "Yesterday."
As you watch this and your nightmare is being generated, take time to reflect on some of this video's many mysteries. Such as, "Why is the guy with a mustache such a bad ventriloquist?" Or, "Why do the ventriloquists with the least hair have dummies with thick, lustrous hair?" Or, "Why do we live in a world where black ventriloquists are the only people to use black dummies?" Not that black people or dummies are dummies, but you know what I mean. Shutting up now.

Extra credit: The VentriloChoir were at one point Conan O'Brien regulars. Anybody remember?