As Matt mentioned earlier, homophobes ruled the day in Maine—but everyone else knows that same-sex marriage is all but a done deal.

Or maybe I'm speaking too soon?

Republicans win two key governor seats in New Jersey and Virginia in a desperate bid to claw their way back to relevance.

Get ready, the House could be voting on the health care overhaul as soon as this weekend—and unsurprisingly, abortion is the current sticking point.

Forbes has put out a list of the Most Toxic Cities in America—and guess who came in at #10? (In our defense, they lumped in Vancouver and Beaverton as well. Thanks a pantload, suburbs!)

Okay, this is disturbing.

A Louisiana judge resigns after refusing to officiate the weddings of interracial couples.

In related hillbilly news, a South Carolina man gets three years in prison for having sex with a horse. People from the South are funny!

And finally, Jon Stewart deftly reminds us why cable news networks (and their election coverage) should be smothered in its sleep.

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