OPB is picking up the topic this morning of the new pot cafe opening on Northeast Dekum. The cafe, organized by marijuana advocacy group Oregon NORML, plans to open its doors at 4:20 pm on November 13th and will be only open to medical marijuana cardholders who also pay a club membership fee. Organizers say the cafe will give cardholders somewhere "safe and sane to medicate" out of public view.

Check out my article about the cafe in this week's news section before tuning in to the discussion.

Update: Okay, this show is getting sort of hilarious. Oregon NORML executive director Madeline Martinez is sparring with anti-pot activist and Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin. Martinez is rambling a bit and just described her daily routine—wake up at 5:30, make a cup of coffee, vaporize marijuana for the first of four or five times during the day. "Sounds like it's more like six or seven," remarked Bergin, snidely.

It's clear that Bergin is desperately on the losing side of a culture shift, though. When he mentioned the Obama administration's recent directive for federal agents to deprioritize pot busts in states that have medical marijuana laws, his voice sounded defeated. Bergin is hoping to repeal Oregon's 10-year-old medical marijuana law with a statewide referendum. Good luck with that one.