Army Killing Spree: The final body count in the shooting spree at Ft. Hood army base is 13 dead, 30 wounded.

Shooter Wanted Out: The Washington Post has a complicated portrait of the shooter, a Muslim army psychologist terrified of being redeployed.

"All American Muslims Taking The Blame." An interesting British editorial on the Ft. Hood massacre.

The Recession is Over! Uh... not quite. National unemployment is at its highest rate in 26 years.

Jobs? Fuzzy Animals? Oil? Environmentalists are split on the best angle to sell landmark climate change legislation in the Senate.

Healthcare Reform: close... Feministing has a primer on how to get involved to support its passage.

Restart the CRC Process! Demands a coalition of five big-name groups who want a $4 million independent analysis of how to fix the I-5 corridor, looking also at "non-road solutions." Just for thought, here's a picture of all the roads in the world:

Grisly Homicide-Suicide in SE Portland: A terrible-sounding person is suspected of killing himself, his girlfriend and her 4-year-old son in house on SE 132nd.

Sorry today is full of awful news. To make up for that, here's a clip of John Stewart making fun of Glenn Beck during last night's Daily Show.

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