Some things are so pleasantly simple that they need no expansion, like BLTs, children's books (yeah, even you, Where the Wild Things Are) and Twitter feeds. No wait, scratch that last one. Apparently CBS thinks that you can turn awesome-internet-sensation-of-the-moment Shit My Dad Says into a primetime sitcom. This will mean, of course, gutting it of any profanity, which some would argue is integral to the humor of a Twitter feed called "Shit My Dad Says." Or do I mean "Stuff My Dad Says?"

Are you laughing? No? What if CBS brings in Will & Grace creators, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick to produce and supervise writing? Nobody knows how to expand upon a thin concept without running the same two or three jokes into the ground like the creators of Will & Grace, right?

But don't overexcite yourself just yet. There's also this tidbit from the same article:

Fox is developing a multicamera comedy based on popular Web site TextsFromLastNight, with Sony TV and Happy Madison producing.

Will either of these sitcoms be able to repeat the success of ABC's breakout hit, Cavemen? The world holds its breath.

Hat tip to the AV Club.