Via tipster Joel comes a link to Reed students effectively hijacking a parents' weekend Q&A session with Reed President Colin Diver and singing a little song about how the school is failing to do enough about global warming.

So the song goes on for about four minutes too long, but aspiring protesters should take note that the students' monk-like chanting actually turns out to be a pretty good tactic for breaking up Diver's mild-mannered speech-making. Apparently the student senate wants the college to draw up a carbon reduction plan and hire a sustainability coordinator.

I know, I know, Reedies love protests even more than Kindles, but it seems to me that the students have a good point here. The Association of the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education lists Sustainability Coordinators at Oregon State University and Portland State, along with a number of little liberal arts colleges like Middlebury and Bowdoin so, uh, WTF is up, Reed?