More or less ever since the Mercury started, we've been occasionally covering DVDs in the Film section and on the blog—be they new releases, notable TV seasons, curiosities, whatever. When worthwhile DVD releases happen, we like to let you guys know about 'em and—as we do with most theatrically released films—insist on giving you our unasked-for opinion about whether they're worth your time and money.

So here's a question: With DVD making a slow but certain exit from the home entertainment market, and more and more high-profile films being released with better picture quality and better special features on Blu-ray, is it time for the Mercury to shift from exclusively covering DVDs to covering Blu-rays as well?

I ask this for two reasons: 1) To gauge where the Mercury's readership is at w/r/t Blu-ray adoption, and to see if we'd be helping or annoying you guys if we started covering Blu-ray releases and Blu-ray-exclusive special features. 2) To possibly justify my desire to finally suck it up and buy a Blu-ray player. (A desire that may or may not have something to do with a certain sci-fi film coming out on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow that might have something to do with Enterprises and Romulans and warp drives, and that would probably definitely look balls-out awesome in HD.) Anyway:

The Mercury's Blu-ray vs. DVD Questionnaire!

Thank you and good day.