Mercury (Mercury) overlord Courtney Taylor Taylor wrote a graphic novel. It's called One Model Nation, and it's about some sort of alternate-reality Germany, and the release party is scheduled for Dec 5 at Floating World Comics. In attendance: artist Jim Rugg, Mike Allred (who drew the Dandys in Red Rocket 7), and "Donovan Leitch Jr," whoever that is. Well, if Gerard Way can do it, than I guess this is fair enough.

Speaking of Floating World, the 2009 Floating World Animation Fest is tonight, featuring animations of all sorts: "Local and lo-fi, international and extrasensory, hand drawn, stop motion, cgi and puppetry, electricity and torches." That's at Valentine's (232 SW Ankeny), 9 pm, free. Here's a trailer:

Floating World Animation Fest 2009 Trailer from Floating World Comics on Vimeo: