It's time for another installment of On the Road with Floating World, in which Floating World Comics proprietor Jason Leivian handpicks a few comics recommendations for musicians playing in town. Swing by Floating World (20 NW 5th) during the week of the show, name-drop this post, get 10% off recommended titles.

Here's Jason with tonight's recommendations!

Recommendations for Nitzer Ebb
playing w/Unter Null, Gentry; Berbati's Pan, 10 SW 3rd, tonight!, $18-20, 9 pm

Chronicles of Wormwood by Garth Ennis

So Garth Ennis already definitively killed God dead years ago in the pages of Preacher; this might be the equivalent of pissing all over that grave. Danny Wormwood is a cable televsion executive (think HBO) and he's also the Biblical antichrist. He best friend and drinking buddy is Jay, the second coming of Jesus Christ. They both get along because they both don't get alongwith their respective fathers. It's time to get the apocalypse started, the end times, but neither of these guys are interested in carrying out the plans of their fathers. If you loved Preacher, this is Ennis' return to that style of offensive religious satire.

The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky

This is a memoir written by the filmmaker (and comics writer) about his experience with Master Takata and the group of wisewomen who influenced his spiritual growth. Any fans of his films and comics will enjoy the behind the scenes look at the man's life, especially if they are just familiar with his creative
output. In one story he discusses the cult of fans and followers that arose after making films like 'Holy Mountain'. They seemed to miss the point of individual responsibility and understanding, looking to
Jodorowsky as a guru or savior. He played the role of zen teacher when they came to him with their questions; replying with absurd koans that seemed to leave them satisfied in their half-understanding.