Sarah may have spoken prematurely when she said the media blitz around this story had come to a close. From the 'met:

TriMet terminates MAX operator that contributed to family separation.

Termination based on operator’s actions, not mechanical or intercom issues.

TriMet today terminated the operator who was driving a MAX train when the separation of the Bailey family occurred on Monday, November 16.

The operator was terminated because he violated TriMet procedures, and his actions of not responding to four calls on the emergency intercom system created a potential danger to public safety.

“This operator’s actions were unacceptable,” said TriMet General Manager Fred Hansen. “They also do not represent our 1,300 operators who everyday deliver quality service to thousands of riders.”

TriMet determined it was the operator’s actions, and not a mechanical or intercom issue, that contributed to the separation of the Bailey family. TriMet conducted a thorough inspection of the emergency intercom system and door/ramp operations, review of train performance data and a re-creation of the incident.

The operator was a 20-year TriMet employee, and a MAX operator for about 12 years.

I can't help wondering if the accountability would have been different, had the operator had shot that three year old in the leg with a beanbag round.