So yesterday I tore into the anti-Measure 66 and 67 campaign because new budget proposals show the state will have to release 1,800 convicts if voters choose not to tax the rich, but in a post today at BlueOregon, Steve Novick rips the campaign into far tinier and juicier shreds .

Novick is railing against a form letter (pdf via the Oregonian) from a dairy farmer the "Stop Job Killing Taxes" crew sent out, telling the story of one small farmer who will be "forced to lay off workers, reduce wages and benefits or close their doors."

All from a small dairy farmer, right?
Novick notes that, first of all, the letter is written by Mark Nelson, a lobbyist we declared "The Devil's Right Hand Man" last spring. The signatures on the letters are all actual signatures, but they vary so much that there's no way they all come from Clara Carol Leuthold of Leuthold Farms.

Oh yeah, and there's actually no such place as Leuthold Farms, writes Novick. The farm registered under the Leuthold's name with the Secretary of State is Wilsona Farms, LLC and won't pay more than $140 more a year in new taxes if the measures pass. The reason the Leutholds will be harder-hit by the tax increases is because the couple makes over $250,000 a year from other activities they wouldn't reveal to the Oregonian's Jeff Mapes.

Now doesn't Steve Novick sound like a man you'd pay anything to go bowling with?